Monday, February 14, 2011

気になるギター(2)Gibson Explorer Vampire Blood Moon

Gibson Explorer Vampire Blood Moon


The body of each Explorer Vampire Blood Moon is crafted from solid swamp ash, a light, resonant timber long revered for its outstanding tonal properties and admirably light weight.スワンプアッシュでっせ、旦那。
The Explorer Vampire Blood Moon follows the classic lines of the original Gibson Explorer, introduced as part of the Modernistic Series in 1958.デザインは1958年に導入されてオリジナルエクスプローラーと同じだと。

Tonal Characteristics
Swamp ash is a light wood with a variable density, a broad and distinctive grain, and a porosity that inspires a rich, balanced resonance. It is known for its solid low end, sweet highs, and muscular midrange, all of which make it a superb tonewood when used in the body of an electric guitar.ソリッドな低音、スイートな高音、筋肉質なミドル(ハハハ誤訳、まっよしとしよう)。
Average Weight
The average weight of a raw Explorer Vampire Blood Moon body is 3.90 lbs.そして、これ大注目でしょ。軽い!なんと1.76キロですよ。
The Explorer Vampire Blood Moon carries a Juju mixing black satin with subtle highlights of red grain filler visible.この色が渋いと思ったのだ。

Surface Texture

The guitar wears a thin grain-textured satin finish that beautifully shows off the swamp ash grain right through the lacquer, and yields a fast, comfortable playing feel on the neck back, too.触ってみたい。
The Explorer Vampire Blood Moon is hand-finished in nitrocellulose lacquer in a process that is carefully monitored to ensure minimum build-up. First, black paint is applied then a red grain filler is applied to the entire guitar, leaving subtle highlights in portions of the swamp ash's dramatic grain. Finally, a flattening agent is used to reduce sheen and render a satin finish.仕上げは手作りですか。
Pickups and Electronics
The Explorer Vampire Blood Moon carries two GEM active open coil humbucking pickups, an entirely new design from Gibson USA. These units offer unprecedented power and fidelity, with firm lows, sweet highs, and outstanding sustain. They are routed through a traditional three-way switch, independent volume pots for each pickup, and a master tone control.
BridgeA Schaller™ vibrato unit made in the style of the high-performance "double-locking" systems popular with metal, shred and thrash players carries fine-tuners to perfect your pitch once the nut is locked in, and excels at everything from hypnotic wobbles to deep divebombs.

Trussrod Cover
The truss rod cover on the Explorer Vampire Blood Moon is made from black plastic and shaped like an antique bell


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