Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keith Richards のぼやき

Keith Richards の自伝「Life」を読んでいたら、こんな一節が出て来た。

– To this day there's a Scotty Moore lick I still can't get down and he won't tell me. Forty-nine years it's eluded me. He claims he can't remember the one I'm talking about. It's not that he won't show me; he says, "I don't know which one you mean." It's on "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone." I think it's in E major. He has a rundown when it hits the 5 chord, the B down to the A down to the E, which is like a yodeling sort of thing, which I've never been quite able to figure. It's also on "Baby Let's Play House." When you get to "But don't you be nobody's fool/Now baby, come back, baby..." and right at that last line, the lick is in there. It's probably some simple trick. But it goes too fast, and also there's a bunch of notes involved: which finger moves and which one doesn't? I've nver heard anybody else pull it off. Credence Clearwater got a version of that song down, but when it comes to that move, no. And Scotty's sly dog. He's very dry. "Hey, youngster, you've got time to figure it out." Every time I see him, it's "Learnt that lick yet?" –

おもしろ過ぎる。こんな偉大なギタリストでさえ、49年間も一つのLick の弾き方が分からず考え込んでいるなんて。耳コピにほんの数時間費やしただけで諦めてるのは誰だ?!甘い、甘い。もっと精進しないと。

エルビスプレスリーのギタリストScotty Mooreに、小僧と呼ばれるキースリチャードも、67歳くらいだと思うんだけど、いいですねえ、いつまでもロックしてて。

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